Tuesday, March 13, 2018

South and West with Joe and MIlky T.

Managed to squeeze in another brief ride before starting back at work in February this year. Taken me a while to get around to getting these photos up, mostly because I have to photoshop out all the black spots hat I get in my photos because of all the shit that's been forced into the camera by my taking it out and taking photos at open road speeds. Anyways, these are from DAY 1... left Christchurch on Wednesday about 5.30pm and headed south to Geraldine and then onto Tekapo. Some amazing changes in light, got fuckin' cold, but a beautiful ride with bugger all traffic being mid-week and all. Spent the night free-camping at Lake Pukaki, drinking cheap liquor and watching the stars in one of the clearest skies the world has to offer (we're very close to the Mount John Observatory here).

More to come...

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