Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Smash Palace Bike Show THIS SATURDAY!!!

I've been a bit shit at posting here lately cause I've been sooo stupidly faaarking busy! But hey, ya'll better know about this... THIS SATURDAY at 12pm is the Smash Palace First Annual Bike Show – it'll be like all our previous bike nights rolled into one mental extravaganza. A bunch of the guys have built new bikes for this show and you can be sure there'll be some weird twisted excuses for motorcycles there. So yeah: 12 – 3pm at the Pallet Pavilion, and then we all pack up and head to Smash palace for the afterparty... which, if the HFoS party there was anything to go by, will be a total fucking knees up!

This (above) is the second poster I did for this event, after the venue was changed just after I did the first one. Free risographed posters available at the show...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Counterfeit Colours (or, A Great Way To Get Your Ass Kicked)

I just had to put this up here. Can you imagine this!? Madness, total madness. But hey if you're into taking risks and all here's the link – HERE

Monday, October 7, 2013

Forms of Delirium

"We only have a few years to rescue the soul of holy Russia," Alexei Weitz said. "Just a few years." Weitz is a leading member of the Night Wolves.

David Bennewith sent me this link – HERE – to an article by Peter Pomerantsev about a Russian MC called the Night Wolves, or  Nochnye Volki as they'd say it, and their relationship to political power (Putin has had lots of photo ops with them) and the popular media. It's really worth a read, it's quite mad... "In heaven there is more joy at the 1 per cent of sinners who confess than the 99 per cent who have no need of salvation." Yep they're Christian fundamentalists too!

Above: 'The Surgeon', Pres of the Night Wolves hangs out with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.