Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Head Full of Snakes issue #2 Christchurch Launch

Fuck! Amazing night on Saturday, totally bloody awesome fun was had. 50 bikes showed up at Tommy Chang's (not including those on show) and then we all rode over Dyers Pass and into town together. Was so good to ride with such a big bunch of such fucked up bikes, we made a real racket and got a lot of pedestrians real excited about bikes I reckon! Wish we had some photos from the ride! Did anyone get any? Sold copies once we got to Smash Palace and man they were flying out the window of Greg's caravan-workshop. Was great to see people stoked about it cause it sure was a shit-load of work. A bunch of us stuck around and got real merry at Smash Palace. Was good to relax and get on the piss!

For anyone who wasn't there, you can order copies from our website here. They're $25 if you're in NZ or Aussie, and $35 (AUS) anywhere else in the world – and remember they're practically handmade come with a free patch so it's pretty stupidly cheap! And for anyone who ordered them last week before the launch, don't fret we are posting them this week. We have a whole bunch of them to post out, it'll take a couple of days...

Hope to see a bunch of you who we met at the launch at Bike Nights at Smash Palace every Thursday!? (That's you Owen, and that red-head dude with the kick-ass pre-unit Triumph chop – I'd love to talk to you about the next issue. If you see/read this get in touch?)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Issue #2 Launch! This Saturday 26 Jan!

Ok finally this THING is almost ready! Launch parties will be held this Saturday in both Melbourne and Christchurch simultaneously and may or may not include a coordinated trans-Tasman burnout.

Anyway the key shit to remember is:

If you have a bike you'll wanna meet us at Tommy Chang's bar in Lyttelton (London St.) sometime after 4pm. We'll be having a couple of beers there and then riding over the hill (Cashmere) and ending up at Smash Palace (cnr. Bealey Ave. and Victoria St.)... plan is to leave Lyttelton by 5.30pm and get to Smash Palace about 6pm. Copies will be available for purchase from Smash Palace after 6pm.

4 – 6pm at 'Magic Johnston', 27-29 Johnston St., Collingwood. There'll be bikes on show and there'll be free beers! That's right free. So it's probably worth showing up even if you don't give a shit about our mag...

Which, by the way, comes with a FREE PATCH... and only 1000 copies exist in the whole world. Remember the last issue sold out very quickly, if you want a copy the launch is the best place to get it! They're only $20 but you will need cash!

See you there (or here).

Sunday, January 20, 2013


HFoS #2 is now collated... all 114 pages x 1000 copies! And will be off to the binder first thing tomorrow morning. Big bloody THANKS to everyone who helped out with this, it was a massive mission! It was so great to see so many people show up today to help out, really sped things along. Thanks to you all and may you all have excellent lives ahead of you forever.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

NOTICE: HFoS Melbourne launch postponed!

Unfortunately issue #2 of Head Full of Snakes has taken way longer than we thought it would to print, collate, and bind. Mostly because it is so full of totally awesome shit, and it's been so hard to pack it all in there. As a result we regret to inform you that the launch that was planned for tomorrow (Saturday the 19th of Jan) has to be postponed by one week.

The Melbourne Launch will now happen on the 26th of January at the same time as the Christchurch launch (actually a little bit later cause as everyone knows NZ is ahead of Aussie eh!).

After many various technical problems issue #2 is actually looking really good and you will be able to get your oily mits on it real soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

3rd colour down... launch deadline looming!?

After practically two all-nighters in a row we finally have finished the printing. It was a fucking nightmare really... the risograph freaked out with the 3rd colour and we had to run it stupidly slowly. Has been really insane, and Stuart and I are like zombies pretty much by now. We started collating lastnight with this machine we borrowed from Brad Haylock (cheers Brad!). It's a great machine, but again I think we've been a bit ambitious! We're making 1000 copies of a 116 page magazine.... and it's taking fucking ages. Came home for 4 hours sleep lastnight and heading back in again now... really looking like we may have to postpone the Melbourne launch which is supposed to be on Saturday? 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Printing, printing, printing...

Spent most of yesterday printing the blue (second colour) on our 3-colour pages... plus a bit more of the black and white. Trying to stick to our schedule of 12 hrs straight printing a day!