Monday, June 23, 2014

Bealey 500

Went for a hoon into the mountains last weekend. Met at Denny's early Saturday morning, hit the road after an ironic hipster breakfast, 15 mins outta town Joe broke down. 5 hours later we left him in Darfield to await a ride home and we headed on out. I got busted speeding @ 140kph = $400 plus a whole fucking truck load of demerit points (so many I'll lose my license if I get another in the next year!)... didn't camp at Mt White, which was the plan, ended up at The Bealey which is a great pub and place to stay. So camping and cooking over an open fire was replaced by comfy warm bar, big feeds, beer and rugby. Followed by whiskey, arm wrestling, and MotoGP back at the room. We were pretty lucky to have great weather both days, real bummer Joe didn't make it. PZ's Speed Twin bobber took it all in it's stride, and with the extra confidence of having gotten there he really wound it up on the way back... 3 weekends in a row in the mountains! Love it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


About 3 weeks ago now my closest friend for the last 19 years passed away. It fucking sucked. Rest in peace buddy...


Favourite new band... thanks to Nato from Beastwars for putting us onto this band, they are incredible. The singer is amazing, it's like no metal I've heard before. Apparently they might be coming to NZ later this year. Fingers fucking crossed!