Friday, August 29, 2014

LAUNCH (and ride)


Head Full of Snakes issue #3 will be launched next Saturday at SMASH PALACE at 3pm.

Head Full of Snakes is an annual magazine about people who ride motorcycles. It is printed in an edition of 1000 on a risograph at the Ilam Press, and it sells out so come to the launch and get yer self a copy!

3pm Saturday 6 September

GOT A MOTORSICKLE!? – why not join us and go for a hoon pre-launch?

Meet us at the Wheatsheaf Tavern (Teddington, Gebbies Pass Rd.) from 12pm, leaving at 2pm to ride to SMASH PALACE. Anything with two wheels and and engine welcome!

IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER – harden the fuck up.

Head Full of Snakes #3 LAUNCH COMING SOON

Hey fuckos, printing seems to be rocking along ok sorta so we're gonna commit to a LAUNCH. Yep, feelin brave. Will post something more legit as plans get sorted (tomorrow?), but for now KNOW that it will be at Smash Palace next Saturday the 6th of September in the AFTERNOON. We'll organize some kinda ride gig too. Will keep ya posted ... if indeed ya'll are out there?


Monday, August 25, 2014

Head Full of Snakes Issue #3 is GO!

Finally! Stuart's here in Chch and we are underway with the long-awaited 3rd coming... the riso at school is going real good so far, our 3 color tests almost look too good!???

Planning to launch this sucker in Chch on the 6th of Sept... busy as FUCK til then. Will confirm launch asap...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bong 'Stoner Rock' double 12" LP

While you're waiting for issue #3 of HFoS why not get a copy of this sucker in the meantime? This just arrived yesterday and it is one great package of kick-ass art work and the best psychedelic doom you'll ever lay your eyes and ears on! If you're one of those losers who doesn't own a turn-table you can listen to it here... but be warned, it's not as good. And, how the fuck are you gonna listen to your next free flexi???