Monday, February 28, 2011


I know at least a couple of people read this thing so I'll just put this quick message here that I am alive. I was at the university when the earthquake hit. It didn't actually seem so bad at the uni but I realised it was bad when I drove across town to help out Nadine who was stuck at home. Saw a chemist fall down on Bealey Ave when the first big aftershock hit. Saw smoke coming up from the central city. It was pretty nuts. Dad's house, where we were living, is essentially ok. It has a lot of cracks etc but it is standing. It hasn't, however, had power, water, or toilets for days now. We went to mum's for a bit, in Akaroa, but are now in Dunedin staying with Aaron Kreisler. Will update after I've gone through the 157 unanswered emails I have here! This is my first real internet access opportunity.

Photo above is by Erin McNamara. Erin used my computer to edit some photos she was sending to the newspaper, I hope she doesn't mind me using this here to give this a little more 'punch'?