Sunday, September 21, 2014

Melbourne Launch at the Kustom Kommune

Big thanks to everyone who showed up for our launch last night at the Kustom Kommune in Melbourne. And an especially big thanks to Geoff and Jimi from the Kustom Kommune for having us! It's a pretty sweet fucking set up they have there (much of which isn't in these photos).

I believe a bunch of bikes showed up outside but as I was busy selling and fraternizing I didn't actually get a chance to get outside for a look or to take any photos.

Anyway #3 is now officially launched. We will be posting out all orders so far immediately starting tomorrow!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Melbourne Launch THIS SATURDAY!

Ok, details for Melbourne launch above! Issue 3 is our best yet, and it's not just me saying that... so ummm trust me, or something. It has a flexidisc by Moon Duo, and interview with Matt Machine, and a story about how my ex gets fucked over by some dude in India. I don't know how it could be any better? Oh hang on yes, it's got a fucking black cover. Like it's actually black, not just printed black, and it won't get all dirty from having your scarry mits all over it.

As if this wasn't awesome enough I'm coming over for the launch too, so I'll be able to shake your hand, autograph your arm, and get a photo with your baby.

5pm Saturday 20 September
The Kustom Kommune
25 Easy Street

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Issue #3 available from our website NOW!

It's alive! Head Full of Snakes issue #3 can now be purchased from our website here.

Copies will be posted straight away after the launch in Melbourne next Saturday 20 September.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Head Full of Snakes Issue #3 Christchurch Launch

I was gonna wait til I got all the photos together but I wanted to get some up already, so here we go – photos of the launch we had here on Saturday. There'll be more to come of the ride I hope? Jimi?

Anyway it was a great day. The weather was amazing, which was a relief after rain on Friday, and there was a pretty good turn out of bikes. especially considering how late-notice this all was! Thanks to everyone who came on the ride and/or bought a copy of the mag.

We pretty much sold outta what we had there on Saturday, but we're getting the rest from the binders sometime this week. Buttons will be up on the website for ya'll to buy 'em asap here (like in the next couple of days. Promise.