Monday, March 12, 2012

Triumph update (new tank)

Went to Marty's today to look at this tank. I took the tank to Marty when I realised that even with the lugs cut off the frame the tank still weren't gonna fit. I was deflated, thinking 'fuck it I'll sell this tank and look for something else, but James was here and he suggested taking it to Marty, a friend of his dad's. Marty's amazing. He's a panel-beater/painter by trade and keen motorcyclist to boot. He certainly knows what the hell he's doing. So far he's cut a large part of the tunnel out and welded a new shape back in, including a recessed bit for the fuel tap. I've been round to see him about a week ago, to sort of set the height and position, and then today was to look at the bracket he's made for the rear. The seat pan also connects to this bracket if possible.

I'm really happy with the way it's going, but I'm real keen to drop the dials/clocks now too. They stuck up too much before anyway, but with this new tank they look even more out of place. I'll wait and get the tank and seat sorted first though. The seat is the next thing I gotta deal to. I'd started shaping it before I got this tank, so I'd put it on hold until we get the tank mounted properly. The seat's been tough to figure out, I'm cutting up a pan from a Hinckley Bonneville (keeping my original Thruxton seat), but I've cut so much off it mounting has become a bit of a problem.

Anyway, shit I'm hanging out to have a rideable bike sometime again soon! It feels like it's been ages. It's been a month now I guess? Hopefully the seat doesn't take me too long to figure out? Wish I could ditch work for a week and just nail it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old Triumph logo

Funnily enough just after posting the Triumph logos here yesterday I looked over at Pipeburn here and saw this bike which actually uses the gold one with the lion. This is a pretty amazing build, using a Hinkely Bonneville engine. Built and designed by Pangea Speed here. This was the best picture of the tank with the logo on it... thing is this had made me think maybe a Triumph logo isn't the best idea. I mean Triumph didn't build this bike. Just the engine. I think the tank should ref the builder maybe? Not that I'm doing a rebuild!? Wishing I was the more I think about it. Strip the entire thing and start with the frame and stance of the thing. That would be great... you can see how things spiral out of control and people don't have bikes to ride anymore.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Triumph logos

Been looking at old Triumph logos with the idea of putting one on the new tank I'm putting onto the Thruxton. Thought I'd stash a bunch here. Still not sure what I'll do, kinda waiting to see the tank sitting properly on the bike, but I'm also thinking about putting my own design on the tank, ie. NOT a Triumph thing at all? Maybe an H.F.O.S thing? Really not sure...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Norton Update: clutch and crank...

James came round on Saturday and we had planned to get this primary side (fucked at both ends!) all sorted. Alas our plans were foiled... James made up a really nice little puller for my seal but had made it to the id of the rotor where it meets the crank and there's a shoulder/step on the shaft after that, so unfortunately it didn't fit (sorry James!). Anyway we did get my new bearing to drop into the cltuch basket nicely... however when we put the clutch centre into the bearing it's obvious that the clutch centre itself is a little too undersized, and as a result it's spinning in the bearing (rather than spinning the bearing!), AND there's still heaps of play in the whole piece when we put it on the mainshaft! Real fucker. James noticed that the splines on the mainshaft (or maybe on the clutch centre?) are worn too, so that's also contributing to this play. Argh. Next up we tried cold soldering some silver into the keyway on the crank... the thinking being that we could then file it down to fit the key. However the silver wouldn't stick. James was trying to 'cold weld' it and my guess is that the metal (the shaft) just wasn't getting hot enough? Also the flux seemed to be getting fried before the silver would melt. He's gonna check this out with his boss and see what's up this week. So yeah we kinda got nowhere! Really appreciate James coming round to lend a hand though, and I'm in no hurry with this bloody thing eh...