Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sound of Thunder 2014

Went to the annual Sound of Thunder event at Ruapuna yesterday with Jimi, Joe, and Malcolm. Unfortunately I couldn't hang about all day cause I started teaching again next day and had a whole pile of work to do in preparation for that. Anyway it was good to see a few races and some of the bikes out there. Marty Winders, who I got to know last year when he helped me out with fitting the T150 tank to the Thruxton, was racing his green machine Triumph Speed Triple. Made me realise the only thing better than watching motorcycle racing is watching it when there's someone you know in it!

Anyway, hopefully I can spend longer at the track next time!?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bullshit Hipster Bike Videos

This site is so fucking good, been pissing my pants laughing all morning! (While also being quite aware these guys'd probably include me in their sights...) Their old Tumbler is also worth checking out here.