Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moon Duo flexi for #3!!!

I was gonna keep this quiet (for some reason? Surprise I guess?) but I can't anymore, I'm too excited.

Oscar introduced me to Moon Duo a couple of years ago now and I fell immediately in love with their EPs 'Escape' and 'Killing Time'. I went to see Moon Duo when they played in Auckland earlier this year and ended up talking to them after the show. They are as great and friendly a couple of people you're likely to meet I must say. I put it to them then (I think? I was pretty drunk to be honest) that they might do something for Head Full of Snakes. Anyway I recently got in touch with Ripley (guitar/vocals) and he was totally into it. I couldn't believe it actually, I thought there'd be managerial bullshit we had to go through etc, but no, it's been a real straightforward process and the song is about to go away to get made into a flexidisc to be released with our 3rd issue of Head Full of Snakes.

Thanks so much Ripley and Sanae. Anytime you're back in this neck of the woods let us know if we can help out in anyway at all. Might I even suggest a South Island show? I reckon we could get a pretty good thing happening here in the 'shitty city' of Christchurch.

I think the plan for the future of HFoS is to put out a flexi with each issue. We're considering this anyway. And running a sort of HFoS record label as a sideline/insert in an ongoing way. I really like the idea that all these different things are coming together in one project – which, when I think about it, was always the idea with Head Full of Snakes anyway, to take all the different crap I think about and obssess over into one place...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Norton in the fold

My friend Mattie just bought this 1972 750. Great to have another Commando in the fold... although Mattie lives in Wellington. I can see some pretty epic summer rides coming up for us all though!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Head Full of Snakes points cover

Here is the Norton Commando points cover Jimi (aka James Woodhams) made me. Pretty fucking sweet huh! The whole thing, the whole piece of metal including the engraving has been made on the CNC machine at Jimi's work. Don't ask me how. There's a few of us got these made now, I think there's three Norton ones and a couple he's made for Tridents including his own. Painted mine red to go with the red Norton logo on the timing side cover. Rubbed some oil in there too cause it looked way too bright when I put it on... Nostalgia is a disease! Really diggin it!

PS. Jimi kindly engraved inside mine "Jimi's bike is faster" and then also "Triples Rule". Just trying to figure out how to change the 't' to a 'c'...

Monday, September 9, 2013

The real peril of owning a Norton Commando!

Trailer for 'I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle'... thanks to Glen for this one! Anyone got a copy they can loan us?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Smash Palace Shearers Run 2013

 Most epic weekend trip ever! So amazing and mind-bending I can't find the words to fully explain its awesomeness right now... except to say I was reminded why I live here and not anywhere else on this earth! Big bloody thanks to Johnny and Greg (organisation), and Josh too (tour guide)... and all the other lads who went along. Great times with some great southern gentlemen...