Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ride to see Anna Dean

Rode up to Nelson last week to see Anna at her folk's house – Dean's Nursery. Anna's just back from 3 months in India, and her mum had grown this amazing wild flower garden. I haven't been to Dean's Nursery for 5 years we all realised, and I've gotta make sure I go back more often. I love it up there! The ride up and then back down through the mountains of the Lewis Pass was totally amazing. Bugger all traffic, beautiful country, and some of the biggest fastest sweeping bends around. Luckily I avoided the fuzz pretty much just by chance both days! I got back just in time to swap the Thruxton for the Norton and head into Bike Night at Smash Palace on that. There was a 'Master Class' on which featured Keith McLeod and his 80 year old AJS racer. Keith gave us all the low down on patina, which he was fairly passionate about to say the least. I couldn't stick around too late cause I'm still living in Akaroa and wanted to get back before dark... which I didn't. Because it's been so hot lately they've been dumping gravel and grit all over the big hill before you get to Akaroa – it's a fucking mess. Better for cars I guess, but lethal to motorcyclists... another big old 'fuck you' to us all from the powers that be.

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