Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bahia de Los Angeles to San Ignacio

I didn’t, unfortunately, get a photo of John Weed but that’s his cabin up there at the top. With the wolf and the oars. He was a top man and we enjoyed his company. The wind didn’t really let up at all though and even though the beach was fairly picturesque it wasn’t that warm and we were hungover so we hit the road pretty quick. John explained to us why Bahia de Los Angeles was kinda dead – initially because this isn’t the tourist season, but then, more importantly, the whole place had been hammered by storms and flooding a while back and it was still getting it’s shit together following these events. That explained, also, the fact that the road in had, in some places, completely disappeared!

We stopped for lunch at a great little place called Restaurant Melany. This was a fairly random stop in the middle of the desert, but we were starving. I guess you’d call this place a ‘truck stop’ and the people running it were surprised to see a bunch of gringos on motorbikes pull up and go in. Especially their teenage daughters. We ate some great food while the girls giggled at us from the corner, and then eventually asked if they could take some photos with us on the bikes.

We then set off for Guerrero Negro where we were really only stopping for gas. We were hoping to get to San Ignacio, a little oasis village in the desert we’d heard a lot about. We did eventually make it, but only after riding the most hideous road any of us could ever remember riding. This thing was dead straight for at least 2 hours, and being that we’d already being riding all day, it started doing strange things to all our heads. I started hallucinating cows on the road around every corner. Awful. Also the desert here is real boring, not like around Catavina where there were amazing rock formations everywhere. Here it was just flat and barren, apart from the occasional cactus, as far as the eye could see.

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