Saturday, May 2, 2015

San Ignacio

Ok so we're actually back in the US now. Hit San Diego yesterday as Darren needs to be in LA to fly home today. We've just said our goodbyes and since we have a hotel room here I thought I better try and catch some shit up here...

This post, obviously, is from San Ignacio. I'm gonna have to be brief here but San Ignacio was amazing. A super chilled out little oasis town in the desert. Hence we stayed here a couple of nights initially, and then again on the way back up. It was cool to actually hang out for some time in a small town. We had a great hotel – Hotel La Huerta. We ate at the same place every day called Ayy Chipotle. The couple of guys running it were amazing and we dug their hospitality. We also got to know the town dogs fairly well.

We went out one night and we're pretty sure they opened the only joint in town just for us (it's quiet here because it's not the season for tourists). We ended up pretty steaming drunk listening to one of the locals singing karaoke, and then got a ride home with one of the local cops. Pretty good night out in the village, topped off with the gardener at the hotel giving Joe a snake he'd just killed. Joe wore this as a scarf for the rest of the night, and woke up with snake blood all over him.

Have to say, Mexico fuckin' rules!

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