Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big Bear to Joshua Tree National Park

Well shit it's been more difficult than I'd expected getting opportunities to update the blog here! We're actually in Mexico now, but the hotel we're at has wi-fi that works if you sit in reception, so I'm gonna make a nuisance of myself and sit here all afternoon posting photos of where we've been etc...

This post follows on from the last, it's our ride back from Lake Big Bear in the mountains, down into the desert again and over to Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree is totally amazing and if you haven't ever been there you should go. It's stunningly beautiful and quite surreal. I had scenes from 'Roadrunner' going through my head the whole time too. Wyle. E. Coyote and his Acme toolkit. Anyways we found a campsite and set up prior to dark. There's specific camping areas you have to go in so there's other people around, which was kinda a bummer. We had some kids from LA next door and they kept us up all night. Darren and I went to bust their chops at about 2am and they were dancing round the carpark with glow sticks etc. Looked fun but we were too wasted to join them!

Woke up early next day and hit the road once Darren made peace with his tent. Headed for the border now, kinda winging it and avoiding Interstates at all costs!

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