Saturday, April 25, 2015

Joshua Tree to La Jolla Beach, Ensenada (Baja)

This post covers two days... leaving Joshua Tree and heading south to the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. The first day we rode through Palm Springs, which was crazy hot, then into the mountains and down into San Bernadino County, where we stayed the night at a place called Julien. Had a really good feed here at a funny looking little joint. It looked crappy but the food was hi-end like you'd expect in NYC or something. Finally had a decent sleep here – I hadn't slept properly for about 3 nights now. It had cooled down considerably riding south, and we woke up to light drizzle the next day... the first moisture we've seen in a week! Was surprisingly nice to see/feel after a week in the desert.

We did our best to head south early as we wanted to make the border at Tecate and get south of Ensenada the first night. We've kinda ended up doing a bunch of things we were warned not to – like crossing the border at a small town like Tecate. BUT... Tecate was great! Because it's small. There was no waiting around or nothing. A very brief, cursory "search" and we were off...

In the end we didn't get much past Ensenada at all and decided to go check out La Bufadora. Had drinks and a feed there, and then headed back to find a campground... in the dark. Another thing we were warned not to do! All good though, found a pretty sweet little place at La Jolla Beach and set up our tents in the dark. Even Darren got his shit together pretty decently as were all getting to know our tents etc very well.

First night in Mexico and things are looking good...

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