Friday, April 17, 2015

Los Angeles (Thee Arrival)

Well here we are, finally, in the 'City of Angels'! We've been here three days now, stating with the Tuckers, and fucking about with the bikes... great as it's been, we're pretty keen to hit the road soon as. My bike's had a new fork seal and both Joe and I got new front tyres on. Malcom's really just put the luggage racks and new skid-plate on his and been waiting around for us. The tyres took a while cause we had to order 'em.

Got them on last night though and went for our first ride! Was pretty fucking nuts, trying to ride on the wrong side of the road and then going onto the freeway the first time! Shit, that did all our heads in a little I think. Malcolm's had trouble with his bike cutting out... seemingly randomly. Not good. He's worried (I am too!). We came home and Malcolm and Tucker pulled the carb off and cleaned it up and chucked Joe's spark plugs in it... we're about to go test ride it now.

Mine went good but had a funny rattle that's sorta bugging me... it sounds like the gear box to me, and Malcolm could hear it too when we were riding. Looked over the whole bike last night and can't see anything loose though. We're supposed to be heading for Joshua Tree today so I'll see how it goes I guess. I am one of those riders who is really bugged by 'noises' like this. Hmmm...

Joe's bike, the cheapest, supposedly crappiest, has actually turned out to be the best so far! He's had no problems at all, and I kinda dig the look of his. The Bumble Bee.

Darren arrived last night in the dark on his hired GS650. We were all kinda worried about him getting here from Long Beach in the dark as (just quietly) he only got his bloody license yesterday morning in NZ!!! But he's proved to be a man of means or a quick learner or something and he's doing it!

It's been really great staying with the Tuckers. They've totally taken us in, we've been well fed and their place is amazing. I've got an RV to myself! We've been driven around in a Hummer, taken out for Mexican, got plastered and ended up in their spa pool late at night. Not to mention all James' help with the bikes. Bloody brilliant!

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