Tuesday, April 28, 2015

El Rosario to Bahia de Los Angeles

This was a decent ride down through the desert from El Rosario, through Catavina and then across to Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja peninsula. The ride through the desert was awesome, especially closer to Catavina. We stopped to go for a walk and check out the cactus forest... I guess you don't call it a forest? But whatever, there's a whole lot of them altogether. Sounds like forest to me. We were blown away by how big some of them were, and Darren was so stoked he got all excited and fell into a cactus and got a spine right through his fingernail. It's still there and he's kinda been freaking out about it poisoning him or something.

We got gas in Catavina from a couple of guys who syphon it out of cans on the back of a truck. That was pretty cool. Kinda 'Mad Max' I guess.

When we finally rolled into Bahia de Los Angeles it was a bit odd. There was hardly anyone around anywhere and it wasn't quite the paradise we were expecting. It was also real fucking windy. Malcolm ate some octopus and was pretty convinced straight away that he had food poisoning. Joe also had the octopus and felt fine... but we were all paranoid that we were gonna get food poisoning now. Rather than let our guts rule the evening we destroyed any bugs in the system with copious amounts of tequila... and beer, although I don't think the beer's killing anything is it? Darren and Joe did the first drink run to town from where we were camping, and then me and Joe had to go back an hour later (in the dark with no helmets) to replenish the stocks. We lit a fire.

We met this real decent chap – John Weed – at the campground, and we ended up in his makeshift cabin sorta thing smoking, drinking, and playing guitars and whatnot (Joe on Kazoo, and Darren banned from any instrumentation after about half an hour).

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