Monday, April 6, 2015

Hesperia gets a new tank...

James has been a busy chap and the 'Hesperia' DR, my bike for this trip, now has it's new Ascerbis 5.3 gallon tank on (above). This will obviously get me a lot further between stops than the original 3.4 gallon one... as seen below:
I also reckon the bigger tank looks heaps better, and I'm looking forward to being able to see how much gas is in it simply by looking at it! I'd never heard of see-thru gas tanks until we started looking at these sorta bikes... I kinda dig them. Wonder if I could get one made up for the Triumph or the Norton? That'd be pretty fucking weird!?

James sent me some pics of his work... kinda wish I could be there doing this myself, but yeah we'll still have plenty to do and this'll save us time and get us on the road ASAP.

So that's the tank above, and below is the petcock plus an extra one we bought since for some reason they only come with a tap on one side???
Making sure the hole's the right size... glad James is doin' it by the book!
Both taps and mounting bits and pieces in place...

And, while the tank was off, James took it as an opportunity to ditch some unnecessary shit like the smog valve and the carbon canister (I remember my Thruxton had shit like this all over it when I got it!)...

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