Tuesday, June 28, 2011

James Oram's Honda

On Saturday night we went to Zina Swanson and James Oram's mid-winter Xmas party. James had already mentioned he'd picked up a couple of bikes that he'd been working on and so I was pretty keen to see them. He picked up this little Honda for about $500  and has made some great mods to it. James is an artist with a training in sculpture, so I guess he should be good at making shit, but even so for his first ever bike this is pretty fuckin cool. I really like what he's done to it. He made the seat and handlebars himself, and repositioned the battery. He painted the tank, cleaned up and painted the engine, put a foam air-filter on, and also wrapped the header pipes. It's amazing how cool you can make these little bikes look with not too much work. And it's a sweet runner too.

James got her started and I ended up going for a spin at about 2am and after quite a few drinks! (Got in big trouble with the missus and have had to promise not to do that again.) I didn't realise the tail light didn't go either, so I would have been an easy target for any prowling coppers. Anyway, got back safe and sound, and James put the lil' Honda back to bed (I love it when people keep their bikes inside the house).

James is actually selling this bike (already has a buyer I think), and has started on his next project (below). I can't remember what the hell kinda bike this is/was??? I know it's a big single, and was ugly as sin in it's original state. But he has big plans for this sucker, and has stripped it almost completely. he's getting the forks cut down soon... can't wait to see what he does with this.

Real keen to James to write something for the upcoming Head Full of Snakes publication...

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