Sunday, June 26, 2011

John's metallic purple 750 Commando

On Saturday I went around to John Taylor-Leigh's house to check out his new paint-job. His son-in-law did it. I was worried when he said he was going to paint the 750 he's rebuilding from the ground up PURPLE!? But when I saw this I can see it working actually. The photos don't show the colour quite right, but it's a great metallic, and I sorta get it now I think cause I've been looking at so many 70s choppers in Dice mag lately. I found out what he's actually trying to do is recreate a bike he used to have years ago...

 ...that's when he whipped out the photo album. Was great to get to see some of his old bikes, and pictures of him and his mates back in the 70s. Shit there was a lotta cool bikes around then. Now it's all just off-the-shelf Harleys. It's so boring. I guess it's why I have some admiration for John, keeping his  850 Commando on the road since the day he bought it in 1974.

And then there was this (below) – John had this made by the guy who ran Longhorn Leather. It's a picture of his 850, hand-painted and embossed into leather! I really like this – old school biker art at it's best, right up there with those paintings dudes in jail do on glass. Although no dragons or naked chicks, the material and process make this a real classic piece of work...

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