Thursday, June 23, 2011

Screenprinting with Phats

Despite being retardly busy I took time off (well I tried to!) on Tuesday to do some screenprinting with Phats. I haven't done any for years and I wanted to relearn the process. It was a bit fucked cause the screenprinting facilities at the school of fine arts have really gone to the dogs. There are screens that haven't been used/cleaned for years! We tried cleaning some real old ones off, but they are pretty fucked and the emulsion has really set in. It was good to go through this though cause I've worked out a bunch of shit I'm going to buy and keep in my office for future print runs.
   Phats wasn't ultra happy with the poster. He wasn't stoked with his design, he'd rushed it. But also the screen wasn't great. We made two, but both had their issues...
   Anyway, it was good to get my hands dirty again, and to remember that I love doing this kind of manual labour. This, ladies and gentlemen, IS graphic design!

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