Monday, June 13, 2011

Earthquake! #3

We had another massive earthquake yesterday. Actually we had two. A smaller one then a bigger one. I came home and was cleaning up after the first one when the second one hit. Was the strongest I've felt so far. The first one where I literally was thrown to the ground (actually the couch), while trying to get the fuck out! Anyway I was stoked when I looked in the garage because even though the Norton had fallen over it had landed on the mattress I had sitting there for just such an event!

I have since realised, however, that there is a bit of damage...

The 'Z' plate, which attaches the muffler and the footpeg to the frame is bent inwards. I hadn't had the footpeg on, so unfortunately the weight of the bike was on the muffler and this bit is all bent in and hitting the swing arm. Fucker! I'm getting really over these constant fucking earthquakes.

The Triumph was tied down – Dad's Harley (yes I still live with my dad!?) and my Triumph we keep tied down since getting a bit fucked up in the last earthquake 4 months ago. But my front wheel moved to the side a bit and it broke the mirror off against the bench. My whole bike has moved about half a meter to the left!

Ah fuck it I was thinking about ditching this mirror anyway! The other one broke in the last earthquake. At least we did have them tied down this time, and it has saved a lot of damage. Last time it snapped off a footpeg and fucked the right-hand side clip-on.

The rest of our house took a good beating again, and looks like it is slowly starting to fall apart. More new cracks, and old cracks are getting bigger/wider/deeper. It's starting to feel a little bit like it's just a matter of time until our two story house becomes a one story house!

This is a sad photo. Nadine was cooking some soup when it hit. This soup had smokey bacon in it man! Is there no justice?

This doesn't look so bad in the photo, but we lost a lot of food because it all got smashed up inside the cupboards. And then leaked out onto the floor. It's taken quite a while to clean up this mess of olive oil, tomato sauce, lentils, and vinegar... oh and that bacon soup.

Dad's computer got nailed by the printer that used to sit on a shelf above it.

A couple of my guitars that don't have cases got pretty dinged up in the corner there...

Dad's new TV, which he got a couple of weeks ago to replace the TV that got killed in the last quake, fell over and has cracked the screen. Interestingly it still goes? His speakers fell over and got some damage, but you'll see here that, miraculously, my turntable was left sitting precariously on top of dad's stereo! Sweet! That turntable has survived three quakes now (touch wood).

Let's finish with one of the garage, my favourite room in the house... and our neatly stacked shelves! Luckily I never reshelved all my records after the last quake so they're all still in crates in the garage. Most of our shit, furniture etc is still in storage on a farm near Akaroa. Will go check on that this weekend I guess.

Anyone want to offer me a job in another city? I'll take what I can get at this point obviously...


  1. You must be getting raely sick of it by now Luke. Glad the bikes and y'all at least made it throug hmostly ok.

  2. Yeah I was watching the news last night and realised we were pretty lucky eh. Those poor bastards further east, like New Brighton, they are well fucked!