Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modern Motorcycle Company

Just back from Melbourne where Stuart and I have been plotting HFoS first issue. It was a great trip, a lot of talk, a lot of eating, and a lot of drinking... shit I just couldn't keep up. It was great to see what else Stuart's been doing, some great stuff on his risograph (I shoulda asked for some samples to bring home Stuart?).

I got a bunch of photos of shit I might put on here, but I'll start with these...

This is the 'Modern Motorcycle Company', run by Christian (whose head you can see behind the counter there) in the same large warehouse space that Stuart's studio and risograph etc are set up in. This is a large space with a bunch of people all sharing the rent and doing interesting shit, it's called 'The Compound Interest' and can be found here. I've mentioned the MMC before on this blog, and I was pretty excited to get to see it and also to meet Christian. Stuart and I had planned to interview Christian on my last day there, but our organisational skills combined with various quantities of beer and whiskey the night before meant that it didn't quite happen. We will sort something out with Christian for this first issue though. Anyway that's the parts department (above), and this is his main workshop area (below)...

I've already posted photos of Stuart's CB175 that Christian is helping him rebuild, but Stuart has also purchased this 1920-something Triumph single which, until he gets around to it, is on display in the workshop.

There's also this great old James Captain that Christian is getting fixed-up as a 'daily runner' for someone. What a job!?

Christian was saying he's super busy, which seems like good news. But maybe he's a bit swamped? I don't know? Hey Christian if you want to employ a pretty crappy apprentice gimme a call yeah? This (below) is the engine out of Stuart's triumph... and some old race leathers Christian had picked up. Man it really was just a shop full of shit I coulda looked at for hours. Christian didn't have his bike there this particular day but i did catch him riding round town later on in the visit – I'll post some pics of his very cool little CB350 cafe job here later on. In the meantime... cheers Stuart, it was a really great visit. And Christian, it was great to meet you man!

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