Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slippery when wet baggage carousel

This is something I photographed years ago coming home from Melbourne. It was in the international part of the Christchurch airport. I just rediscovered it now, and wanted to put it on here so I'd remember it. I mostly think about motorcycles all the time these days, but this comes from a time when I was still pretty interested in graphic design. Someone has put the 'Slippery when wet' sign onto the conveyor belt you get your luggage off. Why? It doesn't make any sense does it? Was it to warn people that the roads outside the airport were slippery? I doubt it. Was it just a joke by one of the baggage guys, someone having a laugh? Whatever it was it was really nice watching it go around and around. It would  become all broken and dislocated on the corners, then get itself together on the straight bits again, and then come to pieces again at the next corner. As if it was enacting its own warning.

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