Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad-ass Thruxton

This is from the Dice blog here. It's hard to see exactly what he's done to this Thruxton, but it looks the fuckin business. Looks like it'll be featured in an upcoming issue of Dice? I've been really keen to get a seat made for my Thruxton, since having done up the back end of it last year. I want something skinny. Was hoping to get it done before my ride with Malcolm, but that's coming up real soon now (end of next week!).

I finished pulling the guts out of the Norton's gearbox this weekend and took the shafts to Alastair Mears, an engineer who's also part of the NOC. He wants the whole gearbox though, so he can put it together and play with it on his bench. Sounds fine, except to get the inside of the gearbox case off I basically have to remove the fucking engine!? Fuck. Oh well, I'm pretty committed to sorting this thing out now (will it ever be sorted out?)... talking to Alastair I definitely felt like he'd be the man to find whatever weird fuckin little gremlin is hiding in the thing. I just know it's gonna be something simple and small when we find it...

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