Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where are we at?

I always hate posting when I don't have any particular images (childish I know, but honesty is the main point here), but I've felt like some sort of update is required.

1. We have some funding for the Head Full of Snakes fanzine. This funding includes the cost of making a flexidisc. Paul Elliman has made a proposal for what might go on this, and I'm hoping this will be our first flexi-release (although I'm waiting to hear back from Paul to confirm this).

2. I'm going to Melbourne to meet with Stuart and talk more about working on this together. I'm going on the 1st of July for five days.

3. I have to get the next issue of The National Grid done before I do that.

4. The Norton. I'm half way through stripping it down again. A complete strip down of the gearbox and primary. I thought I'd finish lastnight but I got stuck because John has my kickstart shaft, and I couldn't get the alternator main nut off without engaging the gearbox properly. Everything just spins!

5. I'm really missing playing in a band.

6. I've agreed to do another cover for Flying Nun (with Bruce Russell). This is only important in the sense that I swore that after the Dashper book I wouldn't take on any more freelance design work.

7. I've also agreed to do a poster for the TOMCC Poker Run.

8. I'm hoping to ride to Dunedin tomorrow to catch Dane Mitchell's opening at the DPAG, and also to see how my posters are doing.

9. I feel guilty. I should be working on The National Grid #7 and/or the Norton gearbox.

10. I think I'll see what the weather's doing in the morning.

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