Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commando Cafe

I think this is the sweetest Commando cafe racer I've ever seen. The fibreglass bodywork is great, and I even like the fairing! It's been built by Union Motorcycle Classics in Idaho, and their shop looks worth a visit too. Shit I'd like to do a shop/workshop tour sometime. Maybe a bunch of us get together, buy bikes off Ebay, pick em up in LA, and ride round the states visiting bike builders?

I rode my own Commando to work today. It was such a nice day and I just thought fuck it, put a bungee cord on the kickstarter, and off I went. It felt great... until I realised there was a cop up ahead and remembered that the Norton hasn't been warranted or registered for more than a year and half! Managed to avoid the fuzz though, and enjoyed having at good perve at the old girl when coming in and out of the office today.

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