Sunday, May 1, 2011

Norton back home...

Well finally the Norton is back in the garage at home, but all is still not well unfortunately. John and I got her running on Saturday, pretty sweetly too I must say, and even though it hasn't had a warrant or registration for over a year now I thought 'fuck it' and went for a ride. It was bloody great too. All was going very well until I got the stop sign at Governor's Bay. When I took off from there, so from a complete stop, the bloody kickstarter pulled itself all the way down again. Bugger!

The rest of the ride home was marked by that awful feeling, that I'm getting used to now, of having shelled out in terms of time and money, but to no effect. I was a bit down of course, a bit angry, but tried to maintain a very peaceful and zen-like outward state (the best I can do at this point). Anyway when I got home dad asked me about it and I explained things. he said he thought it would be the spring wouldn't it? And I thought 'what the fuck do you know'... he's not at all mechanical. But I did think about that some more, and then lastnight I left a question about this on the Kiwibiker forum, to which I've just had a reply from someone with an old Honda which did just the same thing. And anyway he suggests it's the spring on the kickstarter too!

Shit it'd be funny if after all that work with John to rebuild the gearbox, that my dad got it just like that? Yeah real funny.

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