Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kickstart return spring

Ordered a new kickstart return spring last week and put it in on Saturday morning. Was impressed at how quickly I was able to get the new one in and the old one out... I guess it's not that hard, but it does show that I'm learning right? I don't think I cussed much either? Anyway, more to the point, it hasn't fixed the problem. Bugger.

This is the old spring, which I actually thought had more tension than the new one. I thought I might as well give the new one a whirl and see what it felt like, but yeah no different unfortunately. Actually it did sorta start doing it a lot sooner than last weekend... so before it got real hot.

So yeah I'm still bloody confused!? I talked to Bob Nesbit tonight. He's famous here in NZ for his Nortons, he races them, and fixes them at his shop Classic Cycles in Wellington (if I lived closer I'd go see him with this). He pointed out that the problem might be with the kickstart shaft and not the layshaft, and that I should check that, the bushes etc. He also mentioned the pawl, which was replaced, maybe not locating properly. He really made me realise that I need to pull it apart AGAIN (third fucking time) and look more closely at this. I think before I do I'll talk to John again and ask him about the parts and see what he thought when it was apart.

PZ's mate, Andrew, has also mentioned that the spring might not be set right, so may go see him on the weekend. I did notice there are two holes in the kickstart shaft where the spring could locate, but I'm  certain it's in the right hole. Apparently the second hole is there because the same shaft can also be used on a Dominator.

Anyway, tick tock...

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