Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Snapper 'Buddy' (Dir. Stuart page)

I vaguely remember seeing this on Radio With Pictures years ago. I was reminded of it today because I'm curating a small poster show (a posterwall) for the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, and Stuart Page, who made this video, has designed a couple of the posters I'm reproducing for the show. Stuart's done some pretty cool stuff. I had to get in touch with him to get copyright clearance to reproduce the posters (they're being put up in multiples), and have been thinking, since I have a contact for him now, that I might interview him? 

Snapper were a great NZ band. This was made in 1988. There's a pretty cool BSA RocketIII in here, and also a sweet old Ducati... plus of course a bunch of obligatory Harleys. There's also a nice reverse burn out...

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