Sunday, November 18, 2012

Norton update: rotor spacer & primary alignment

Been going nuts trying to get the Norton on the road for the summer... James 'Jimi' Woodhams has been lending more than a massive hand in getting this done, and I thought it was about time I put some sorta update on here...

Ok so last weekend Jimi and I went into school to use the lathe there and make up a decent sized spacer for my rotor. Shims weren't gonna do it! Anyway this was my first lesson in using a lathe. To be honest I didn't do fuck all except look and listen, but it was a good intro and next time I'll do some stuff while Jimi watches on and makes sure I don't take an eye out or something...

In my excitement I stupidly forgot to photograph the spacer when we were done! We rushed home and put it on... You can see it in here sitting against the sprocket there.

The rotor sits out more now so that it's better aligned with the stator, and, importantly I think, the shouldered spacer that is supposed to sit over the woodruff key does now actually sit out far enough that it does sit over the key.

 Next up was getting the primary chain aligned properly. Jimi came up with the idea to do it using measurements of the face of the clutch basket rather than the usual method of placing a straight edge across both sprockets...

Surprisingly enough it was actually ok and we didn't need to shim it at all. We then went ahead and set the tension of the primary chain. Which was tough as we'd previously added a spacer to the gearbox (between case and cradle) that has made the gearbox bloody tight! Anyway we managed to knock it back and forwards a bit and got the tension right... (I've been running it too tight previously!)

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