Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Burt Munro ride day 2 (Friday)

Friday morning we left Cromwell with Grant's dad and his friend Ken. Went for breakfast in Frankton and then rode down the lake to Kingston where we filled up with gas. That's an amazing bit of road! Then I took off ahead of everyone else so I could stop at my grandmothers house – the house she grew up in – which is just past Athol and before Lumsden, a place called Parawa. Everyone else caught up and we rode most of the rest of the way to Invercargill together.

The guy from the campground we were staying at gave us a ride down to the beach racing, where it pretty much pissed down. First rain of the trip. The beach racing was awesome and we discussed building a beach racer ourselves. We walked from there back to the campsite where the rally was, and had a few beers in the big tent there. We got a bit put off by the band and decided after a while to head into Invercargill's main drag. We had pizza there and then went to find a bar to hang at. I can't remember what the bar was called but we had a pretty crazy night there drinking tequila etc...

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