Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Burt Munro ride day 3 (Saturday)

Saturday was a big day. Woke up with horrific hangovers, had a feed, and then off to Teretonga for racing there. Some really awesome vintage stuff racing and in the pits, including this 1936 Rudge that, I think, raced in every event – including the beach! Saw this sweet Commando cafe racer in the spectators parking area and took some detail shots of this as possible 'notes' for mine. Then went ito town to check out E. Hayes and Sons Hardware store where some of Burt Munro's bikes are kept. This was surprisingly cool. There were a bunch more bikes there than I'd expected (not all Burt's), and some really interesting stuff. Went back to cabin as we were all feeling rather jaded from the night before still. Had fishburgers and then went to the speedway event. This was really packed out – speedway seems to be a lot more popular down there than anywhere else in the country? I know it's stupid/simple but I love speedway. Saw some interesting spectator bikes including this Bimota here. Bloody ugly I reckon, but worth a mention for it!

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