Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Zealand MC 'calling cards'


Jesse Schrader sent me the link to these a little while back. They're all from Cam Stokes website here. I'd put some examples of the same thing from some American clubs/gangs up here last year (see em here), and Stuart and I had used these as a point of departure for our design of HFoS #1, most obviously the cover. They're interesting things these cards. I don't totally understand the point of them, are they like business cards? Seems strange when you're trying to essentially operate 'outside' the law, or 'undercover' in some way? Actually it has just occurred to me that when I joined the Norton Owners Club they sent me very similar cards. They had they same sorta line like "You have just met ______" and the bit there where you are supposed to out your own name. The point though with these cards is, I think, to help spread the word about the club and to maybe attract new members. Why would a 1% outsider club wanna do this? Maybe they just liked having cool cards... I can get that. Stuart and I made some for ourselves (see em here). I particularly like the Vikings one, although the Hell's Angels one with it's "You have just been seduced by..." is pretty good too. I'd never realised until seeing this stuff either, that the in the Highway 61 logo the skull is actually eating the road.


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  2. R.I.P fox will always love ya bro

  3. English football hooligan firms had similar cards in the 80s and when it said you have just 'met' etc it meant you ve just been beaten up by them, not so you can ask them back for tea. They left them as badges of honour on or next to their victims after organised fights so it wouldnt' surprise me if its the same, which is why they have nicknames, no contact details and scary ass imagery.

    1. Thanks Alexander! This makes sense... painful sense! I find this even more interesting. I've collected examples of a few more NZ MC ones now, and I've even been given one myself. I didn't get beat up though! Just from someone on the 'inside' who knew I was interested...