Monday, November 19, 2012

Norton update: put back together & start!

So I've just spent the last 3 days – literally 3 days, I have done nothing else (I've barely eaten!) – putting this bike back together. I've taken my time mostly and addressed every little problem along the way (apart from a couple of little things). First off I reinstalled the oil system. I had previously pulled this all out when I'd discovered the oil tank was full of some kind of alien looking shit... as well as a bit of rust. Anyway I've cleaned all that out now. There's still a small amount of surface rust in the oil tank, but I thought it'd be ok for a while at least (and, at least, I know what's in there now). I put on all new hose clamps when putting all the pipes back in so everything, theoretically, is nice and tight and hopefully 'sealed'...

Next up I finished putting the primary back together, which, after Jimi's help over the last couple of months, wasn't too hard at all. The rotor is feeling pretty good and tight, and so is the clutch basket! I managed to get a really good even space of .008" between the rotor and stator. I've struggled with this in the past, so hey fuck I musta learnt something eh!
Then I closed up the primary. A momentous occasion for the year... (or so I thought) 
Stripped my carb again and had a good fiddle around, still couldn't see anything obviously wrong. I took off the shitty hoses you can see here but couldn't get any more yet. Surprisingly hard to find?
Put carb on anyway (hoseless), and set up my throttle with a brand new throttle cable. Oiled that sucker overnight and man does it feel good now!

I employed my idiot sticker method again...

Here she is prior to being kicked over for the first time in over a year...

Slightly unbelievably it started second kick! I was surprised because I had no ignition light and the electrics seem to be playing up now, but thought I'd give her a kick and away she went. I've fucked something up though – probably the throttle cable? Although I'm pretty sure it's sweet? – because it was idling really fast and I couldn't get it to drop at all by adjusting the carb. Was idling at about 3000!

I had to go out though and so had to leave it here at this point. I guess I was happy that it was running and that it started so easily. So I parked it up in the garage, pleased that it was almost one whole thing again rather than a bunch of parts spread all over dad's garage.

Woke up this morning to the smell of 'old bike' all through the house. Initially I thought wow, that's a good smell to have in the air again. But when I went into the garage there was a pool of oil under the bike. Fuck. It seems to becoming out of the crank-case where it meets the primary. My guess is that it's coming out the three holes where the bolts that hold the primary to the crank-case go. I wiped it away and started to seep out again quite fast. It also seems to be leaking from some of the engine bolts that do up the crank-case at the very bottom.


  1. Dude, did you torque everything up? Also what type of gaskets and gasket sealer did you use? Pete

  2. Doh! I'm an idiot. I discovered later on today that it wasn't oil... well it was sorta oil – but mainly it was petrol! Why it smelt so bad. So good news, my oil leaks ain't that bad.

    yeah Pete I did everything to torque. Watch out for updated post soon...