Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norton update

I'm currently waiting on a new gearbox shell from Norvil in the UK. Tried for ages to get one here, found a couple of secondhand ones but they had the same problem as mine. Basically the mainshaft bearing had been spinning in the case and had slogged out the hole. It was pretty bad actually, Alastair said it was the worst he'd seen in a while. Really hoping this is the cause of my problems, but he didn't seem convinced as he thinks it's a layshaft problem only. My thinking is that because the mainshaft was able to move, twist slightly even, in the casing, then it could be putting unusual force on the layshaft and pushing it out ever so slightly so that it would bind of the kickstart shaft. Anyway that's my theory.

Since I'm waiting on the case to arrive I decide to start work on repairing the earthquake damage to this bike (I have it strapped to a work-bench against a mattress now cause these quakes seem to be an ongoing fucking problem). I think all that's wrong is the 'Z plate' that holds the muffler on is bent, so took that off today and will see if John can straighten it (without it breaking) in a press or something.

Hoping to get this shit sorted and get the Norton rolling for the Mods and Rockers run coming up in August?

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