Monday, August 1, 2011

Fuck you Customs

Mostly it's been pretty cool lately, things are starting to come in for the first HFoS issue, been talking about getting dirt bikes for the summer, you know that sort of shit... and have also been waiting around for my gearbox shell to show up from Norvil, getting all excited about getting this gearbox problem resolved but also feeling like I'm starting to run out of fuckin money to throw at the thing. And then BAM! This shit shows up in the mailbox. My gearbox shell is being held by Customs and they want my hard-earned before they'll let it go. Bastards. I have rung up and complained etc, and found out that anything over about $450 you bring into the country you have to pay GST on and also there's an 'Import Duty'. Shit I guess there's someone hard at work on my parcel and hey they gotta get paid for that hard work eh? No. Fuck you Customs. I already paid tax on this motherfucker when I purchased it from England. Anyway,  have now — of course — paid the theiving bastards, but am still waiting to see the  thing. Send me my fucking gearbox already.

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  1. Hey Luke. I just got my FCR39 carbs and D&D race pipes for my Thruxton. $500 GST. Sara is working at the customs on some reporting system so she asked why you have to pay GST on freight. They said you had to pay but didn't know why. They also said you shouldn't have to pay tax at both ends but couldn't say which one not to pay. I always got stuck paying VAT for parts from Germany but I had to stop using them as it was too dear.