Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christian's CB 350 Cafe Racer

This is Christian Condo's Honda CB 350, the one I mentioned in the previous post. Christian is the owner/operator of the Modern Motor Cycle Company in Melbourne. He's a great chap, and I was lucky to bump into him while he was riding around on our last day there. I heard this bike coming, and thought shit that sounds interesting and then this thing rolled up. I had no idea it was Christian until he pulled over and lifted his visor...

This bike has some amazing details; the speedo attached to the front right-hand-side fork, the incredibly low and swept-back clip-ons, the straight-through pipes, the tail-light... shit you'd never get away with that in NZ!

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  1. Cool bike I remember seeing it in Collingwood last time I was in Melbourne