Friday, July 22, 2011

Born too late

This is my friend Pete and his Indian that's been sitting in his garage for ages. He finally got it roadworthy last weekend and took it to the 'Born Too Late' motorcycle show in Auckland. I can't quite believe this tractor is actually on the road. This bike was in the back of my van when it died going through the Desert Rd. The only reason my van went on the trip was to take this bike... which did nothing but sit around and look good. It never even started. And then it killed my fuckin van! Still great to see it on the road. And nice to see Pete hasn't 'restored' it.

I stole these images from One Percent magazine's blog here. (I gotta get the last couple of issues). Also spotted my good friend and ex-bandmate Andrew Tolley who must have been playing at the show...

Shit I wish I could have been there. I miss all these good cunts!

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