Saturday, May 2, 2015

San Ignacio to Loreto

We left San Ignacio heading south and stopped for a night at a beach just south of Mulege. Had a feed at a small restaurant on the beach and then had our first swim of the trip. Next day we got up fairly early, packed the tents up and headed for Loreto, our last stop before turning around to head north again (because Darren needed to be back in LA to fly out on May 2nd). On the way to Loreto we ended up passing a NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) checkpoint and following a couple of bikes for a bit. We hadn't realized it but Loreto was the end of one of the stages of the race we'd heard about in San Ignacio. We didn't see many bikes though. Maybe there were more that we missed? I tried talking to some of the bike guys, but they weren't too chatty. Guess they had more important things on their minds. The car guys soon started rolling in and we saw a lot more of them. Some pretty bloody impressive vehicles!

We thought about trying to join the NORRA party that was happening in the swanky hotel, but ended up going to get dinner and hitting the drinks... again. This seemed like a fairly significant night though, since we were turning around and heading back the next day. We stayed out real late and had a pretty great (censored) time. Met us some great Mexicans, and I really got to work on my spanish! Darren and I hassled by a cop at about 5am for drinking in the street. He wanted a bribe but we managed to talk him out of it somehow? We took off back to hotel pretty sharpish after that.

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