Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Capitola to San Francisco


Next day Malcolm and I woke up, had a great breakfast on the warf in Capitola, and then had a wander around the little township part. I wanted to see the Psychic Mermaid but she wasn't open and we kinda had to go and meet Joe in San Francisco. So... we hit he road up the coast, Highway 1. It was cold and overcast most of the way but just as we came into Pacifica (which is pretty much the outskirts of San Fran) the sun came out. It didn't warm up much though. Sid was right, San Francisco is fucking cold!

We met Joe at the hotel he'd already stayed at – the Royal Pacific Motor Inn in China Town. This place was ok, but the woman running it was insane. Anyways, as I mentioned before, I'd found out the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was playing and I actually got us tickets for the gig on the way into town. I'd been figuring it'd be sold out, so I was pretty stoked it wasn't. I was a big fan of Jon Spencer a few years ago, and they'd been a big influence on Aaron, Brendon, and I when we started The Grand Saloon.

We unpacked our shit, put some newer, less-bad-smelling clothes on and wandered around checking out the sights before going to the gig ...

Now I have to admit I got a bit drunk, but memories of the gig as follows:... to kick things off we were having drinks next to the venue waiting to go in when Judah Bauer and Russell Simmins came in! That got me pretty excited and is probably why I might had a bit too much to drink. Anyway, went over to the venue – the Independent – to see the support act. It was kinda weird anticipating this act cause they're called 'We Are Hex', and my band back home is called 'Hex Waves'... but I couldn't imagine anyone like the Hex Waves supporting Jon Spencer!? We Are Hex came on and preceded to pretty much blow everyone away I think. It was good cause they weren't a blues, rock and roll band, but actually were kinda gothy I guess you could say. Sorta Souxie/Bauhaus vibe going on, and the chick singing had a good stage presence.

The Blues Explosion then came out and and proceeded to kick some ass. They were great and I got way to caught up in the voodoo. At one point I reached out, touched Jon Spencer's guitar, and he put his hand on my head – to keep me away – and said, "I feel fever... and head lice!" I was pretty touched needless to say.

My memories of the night end about there. But apparently I spent a while talking to both bands when they were done. I almost got kicked out of the venue for trying to sneak backstage, when luckily Joe pointed out that they (the bands) were actually all just milling round the bar!

Really hung over and sorry for myself the next day, but man, what a night! Eventually I got up the energy to go and ride over the bridge with Joe, but that was about it. That night we lay in bed and watched 'Traffic', which was kinda cool considering we'd just been down in Baja...

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