Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Friday night...

Thanks to Aaaron for this photo of me at Cass on my dirtbike last Friday night. We'd been drinking tequila, whiskey, and beer, and then I thought it'd be a good idea to chuck my sleeping bag on my back and head into the mountains to sleep (it's the middle of winter here!?). I'd ridden up the mountain earlier that day so thought that having no lights on my bike wouldn't be a problem... BUT... in between times someone had gone up there and shut a gate! Which in the dark of course I rode into at about 60kph. Was surprisingly lucky and didn't fuck the bike (which woulda' meant walking back!) and didn't hurt myself too bad either... not bad considering I had no helmet or gloves eh. My shoulder's pretty fucked, but shit it was fun. Especially waking up in the rain in the mountains the next morning! Sheeeet, dirtbikes rule.

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