Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thruxton new speedo and tacho

Here they go finally, the new speedo and tacho I got from Dime City a while ago – on the bike AND working. Again a massive thanks to Bad Evil and Jimi without whom I woulda been fucked. Bad did a beautiful job of the wiring and Jimi made the brackets (see 'em at work here). Bought the bike down to Dunedin with me this week, have been on a couple of rides and everything seems to be working sweet. My only complaint is that the colour of the back-lights in each dial is different... the tacho is a kind of yellowy light and the speedo is a bright white/blue light. Hoping I can change the bulbs or something. Apart from that I'm pretty happy, I mounted them as low as possible (tops flush with the top of the the triple tree and the really change the look of the bike, lowering the front end and, I reckon, looking much better with the old breadbox petrol tank.

Shorty megaphone mufflers (with no baffles) to go on next! Wanted to mount them on a fucked up angle but need to figure that out...

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