Monday, June 10, 2013

Norton Hi Rider petrol tank

 Ordered this Hi Rider tank for the Norton a couple of weeks ago off Ebay and yesterday it ARRIVED! Apart from just being stoked about this tank (and don't worry I'm not turning my bike into a hi rider) I'm really stoked about where the tank came from... Check this shit out:
It came from legendary Norton drag racer T. C. Christenson! Rider of the infamous 'Hogslayer'. Fuck yes! He sent me this signed photo above as well as a copy of this dvd doco...
 Haven't watched it yet but will be asap. But yeah the Norton is getting a make over. Also have some really nice rear-sets I got off Kev at bike night. Thinking about bars etc too, and also wanna do something with the rear end... dunno if it'll be anything drastic, but yeah watch this space...


  1. Yes. Sweet tank. Can't wait to see this.

  2. That tank is lush. Fantastic proportions, good score!