Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thruxton clocks and brake reservoir

Had a great day working on the Thruxton today with Jimi and Bad Evil. I pulled the original clocks/dials off last weekend, I've actually had these new ones sitting around for a good few months now but hadn't gotten around to doing anything about it cause I've been so stoked on the Norton being on the road again. I'd also bought a British Customs mini brake reservoir which had been sitting around for a while. Anyway finally got around to getting into all this properly today. Jimi had made up some mounts for me during the week – I wanna mount the dials real low, flush with the top of the triple tree. The mounts are great but the rubber washers Jimi had made need to be rethought slightly (harder rubber). Bad Evil is our inhouse electrical genius so he was there doing some seriously mind-boggling fucking wiring work! I bled the brakes and got into mounting the new mini reservoir... which was a bit of a head-job until I realised that the thing actually comes apart!? Felt really stupid once I realised that, but hey British Customs (if you're there) maybe you could send these out with instructions? I'm not complaining though cause it looks bloody great and is a MASSIVE improvement on the stock one which sticks up all over the place. Very happy with the way this is all sitting much lower now... and I think this stuff is all making the old T150 breadbox tank looks really good. I just really love how the whole front end looks so much lower now.

A couple of issues to sort out though – 1. the indicator light in the speedo will only go with one of the indicators, either left or right, you choose, but not both. Hoping Bad can solve this? Then 2. Jimi's mounts need new, harder rubber bits.

So stoked to finally be getting this bike a little closer to what I've always been imagining it looking like. Slowly but surely...

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