Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finishing, posting, ...

Getting back from Melbourne for the Chch launch me and Nadine got stuck into gluing in the patches in these little library-card sleeves that Stuart sourced. I then have been spraying all the covers with fixative just to make them less likely to smudge and get all over people's hands. This was quite time-consuming, but again kinda fun and meditative... or maybe that was just the aerosols?

Since then we've been doing some BULK mailing! I got an HFoS return address stamp made that not only looks cool, but makes this all a lot faster/easier. I have this funny thing about handwriting all the addresses... I know it's impractical, but this isn't a practical project now is it. We had to employ some 'expert' help (above) for the Japanese addresses after I buggered them up real good!

We're totally caught up with orders now, so anyone who has ordered one you should get it soon if you haven't already. Some of the international ones that I've sent (from NZ) may take a week or two to get to you, but hang in there eh. It's a great feeling sending them off all over the world to some pretty far away and strange sounding places... God only knows how you people even know about our shitty little mag?


  1. Cheers Luke. That was fast service. Really enjoyed this one.

  2. How did we hear about it; Well RUMOUR has it.....!

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