Monday, February 18, 2013

Day in The Dirt (or: Sometimes Cars are OK Too)

More proof that despite a number of well known negatives Christchurch is still the best most kick-ass place to live in, possibly, the world. This was on Sunday out at a small dirt track speedway just past Leeston – Ellesmere Speedway perhaps? It's called 'Day In The Dirt' and I was lucky enough to go to the very first one a couple of years ago now. This was the third one. It's a fucking awesome day, mostly because you get to see these old cars, normally the preserve of some property developers pristine jerk-off garage display, get driven like HARD... on a DIRT TRACK. Fuck! It's pretty damn cool if you don't already get what I'm trying to say here... you need to see it. The sound of these old V8s rumblin about the track is something akin to a symphony too. The McCleary and Orpwood clans, who I've only recently discovered through bike night and related shenanigans, made a pretty good showing. One of the Orpwood's cars, No.39, looked seriously bad ass. It was super low and looked like it might fall apart at any minute – truly a work of art. Another car (belonging to the father McCleary I'm pretty sure?) was lined with pages from old porno mags too... all class those McClearys.

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