Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Head Full of Snakes issue #2 Christchurch Launch

Fuck! Amazing night on Saturday, totally bloody awesome fun was had. 50 bikes showed up at Tommy Chang's (not including those on show) and then we all rode over Dyers Pass and into town together. Was so good to ride with such a big bunch of such fucked up bikes, we made a real racket and got a lot of pedestrians real excited about bikes I reckon! Wish we had some photos from the ride! Did anyone get any? Sold copies once we got to Smash Palace and man they were flying out the window of Greg's caravan-workshop. Was great to see people stoked about it cause it sure was a shit-load of work. A bunch of us stuck around and got real merry at Smash Palace. Was good to relax and get on the piss!

For anyone who wasn't there, you can order copies from our website here. They're $25 if you're in NZ or Aussie, and $35 (AUS) anywhere else in the world – and remember they're practically handmade come with a free patch so it's pretty stupidly cheap! And for anyone who ordered them last week before the launch, don't fret we are posting them this week. We have a whole bunch of them to post out, it'll take a couple of days...

Hope to see a bunch of you who we met at the launch at Bike Nights at Smash Palace every Thursday!? (That's you Owen, and that red-head dude with the kick-ass pre-unit Triumph chop – I'd love to talk to you about the next issue. If you see/read this get in touch?)

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