Sunday, February 17, 2013

TOMCC Rally Kaiapoi 2013

Went and dropped in on the Triumph Owners Club National Rally out at Kaiapoi on Saturday. Mainly went to catch up with some of the fellas I used to ride with up in Auckland and get some old shorty megaphones off Pete (that I plan to stick on the Thruxton). Got there kinda late though cause we'd heard everyone was riding to the Hurunui pub and so we took off out there, where we sat on our own for two hours without anyone from the rally showing up! Went back to Kaiapoi and realised we'd got bum info, but met up with everyone there anyways. Caught up with Pete the Neighbour, Al and Glenn. But couldn't stay for the night or anything cause Nadz and I were moving house AGAIN... really sick of that shit, need our own place on some vaguely permanent basis at some point real bloody soon!

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