Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old handlebars

Since my clutch cable kept breaking, and since I found I had a brand new original length one that had come with the bike when I bought it, I decided to put the old original handlebars back on, just to see what the clutch would be like. Fuck it's like a normal clutch now! It feels great, and I can ride it around without my hand starting to fail on me. Obviously it's the angle of my clutch lever mechanism that isn't working right on the flat/drag bars. Thinking I'll leave it like this for a while – it's actually quite fun cause it feels like a new bike for a bit – but then thinking I'll look around at different clutch and front brake lever units when I wanna cafe it again. Will wait til I find rear-sets too I think. Just pretty keen to ride the Norton for a bit now, esp over the summer while I do some aesthetic work on the Triumph (really wanna make a new seat for that!).

Went for a great ride again this weekend, over to Port Levy with Johnny and James. I actually really liked the way the bike handles with these bars, I just don't like the way they look. Maybe I'm coming around to it? I couldn't handle putting the big ugly lolly-pop mirror on it and the bar-end mirror stuck out too far, so for now anyway it's sans mirrors! Might see what Deus have when I'm up there soon, although their shit is way too expensive.

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